April 29, 2017

A Quick Call, a Clear Plan

Access to accurate and up-to-date weather information and flight planning tools has grown significantly. Improvements in automated weather gathering systems and weather camera technology – combined with web access – have placed more information at a pilot’s fingertips than ever before.

When the services delivered through NAV CANADA’s network of Flight Information Centres (FICs) are added to the mix, pilots enter the cockpit knowing they have a clear flight plan and an awareness of the weather conditions they will experience.
“Specialists have an advanced understanding of weather and topography, and the latest information on NOTAMs, hazards and restricted areas,” says Peter Hamm, Manager of the Winnipeg Flight information Centre. “The result is an interpretive, value added service that brings all the pieces together for pilots.

“Whether we’re speaking to a highly experienced pilot or a student, our team’s objective is the same: making sure they have the best information to get them on their way, safely,” says Hamm.

In just a few minutes, flight service specialists at a FIC can provide:

• current and forecasted weather conditions along your route,
• the best route to your destination,
• NOTAMS, restricted airspace and special advisories, and,
• assistance opening, closing and updating your flight plan.

Each specialist goes through an intensive training program and most Flight Iinformation Centres have a combined experience pool that numbers in the hundreds of years.

“There are some weather phenomena that raise concerns that are fairly unique to aviation, sometimes unique to certain types of aircraft or regions,” says Hamm, citing the things like Lake Effect Snow (LES) as a potential hazard. “A FIC specialist makes the most of available weather information and air navigation system resources to identify highly complex patterns at a local level.”

Hamm adds that the people at the country’s FICs are genuinely committed to NAV CANADA’s safety and customer service values. “Give us a quick call and you’ll be on your way in no time – with peace of mind.”

Call 1-800-Wx-Brief (1-800-992-7433) to access the Flight Information Centre network.



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