December 19, 2018

Pitt Meadows Controllers Settle Into New and Improved Tower

Air traffic control is taking a step up at the new Pitt Meadows air traffic control tower. Erected south of the former 50-year-old tower, this taller and more modern facility improves sight lines of operating areas surrounding the airport.

Pitt Meadows is located 40 kilometres east of Vancouver making it draw a unique traffic mix, which includes movie filming and flight training in a parallel runway environment with water aerodrome operations. The airport has annual movements of nearly 115,000 with the bulk of that traffic consisting of local movements from three flight schools. The tower upgrade coincides with some major revamps by the Pitt Meadows Airport Society, introducing new airport infrastructure to improve the passenger experience and accommodate future growth in commercial operations.

The new modern air traffic control facility is nine metres taller, topping 24 metres with a seated height of 18.7 metres above ground level. This enhances safety by improving visibility of the airport’s maneuvering areas. The cab offers a more functional space with three state-of-the-art controller working positions with enhanced ergonomics. Each station is outfitted with the latest radar displays, touchscreen flight strip technologies and tactile information displays. The taller tower made space for new exercise and rest areas for employees as well as a meeting area to facilitate collaboration with customers and stakeholders.

The upgrade, which was completed November 6, 2018, is part of NAV CANADA’s larger $170-million infrastructure investment plan that aims to expand, refurbish or replace air navigation services facilities across Canada, and modernize critical elements of the systems’ communications, navigation and surveillance infrastructure. New replacement facilities, tower and flight service stations are planned for Oshawa, Ontario, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Grand Prairie, Alberta, and Langley, British Columbia. There are also renovation and upgrade projects taking place at several air traffic control centres across the country, along with operational system upgrades and investment into space-based air traffic surveillance and business system upgrades.


Photos: Rick Bouwman 



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