December 22, 2018

Letters to Santa: Our employees’ kids are so much like their moms and dads

The children of NAV CANADA employees must be very proud of the work their moms and dads do. They seem to know a lot. “Kids are like sponges,” said one parent. “I’m surprised at how quick they learn from just a few things they hear.”

To check this, we asked a few employees to show us their kids’ letters to Santa Claus. Here are a few examples.

Dear Mr. Claus

My little brother is mean to me sometimes, but I’m always nice to him. You know that I was (almost) never naughty this year. I would like a new bicycle – with no training wheels. I don’t need them anymore!!

Your reindeer fly so fast! Remember if the atmospheric pressure is low, and the altimeter setting is 29.92 or higher, an air traffic controller will ensure you are vertically separated with aircraft flying on standard pressure by assigning you flight level 180 or above.




Dear Santa Claus,

Merry Christmas, I’ve been extra good this year. Could you please bring me a Scruff-a-Luvs Pet. They are soooooo cute!

On Christmas Eve, if you request permission to depart and maintain VFR until an IFR clearance is received, please contact tower on frequency 118.1 when airborne, for IFR clearance.

Next year, can I be one of your elves? Pretty please.

Yours truly,



Dear Santa,

I’ve been a very good boy this year. I ate all my vegetables and went to bed when my mommy and daddy told me. Please bring me a Lego monster truck and a Fingerlings baby dinosaur.

And remember, when you fly through a Mandatory Frequency area without the intent to land you must report to the FSS at least five minutes prior to entering the area.

Do you like cookies? I like cookies.

Your friend,



Hi Santa,

Please could you bring me a Pomsies Lovable Pet Blossom and a Princess Party Tent.

My mommy said to tell you that Canada’s terrestrial-based navigation aids are well-maintained by technologists.

Santa, last year, you didn’t drink the milk we left you. Do you want juice this year?




On behalf of all NAV CANADA employees, we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!



These kids are more prepared for the dispatch exam than I am!


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