April 30, 2017

Introducing the NAV CANADA Blog

Since it launched in 2005, NAV CANADA’s Direct Route newsletter has been an important tool for the company to use in communicating the latest news about our services. From technology updates, procedure changes, site profiles, innovation, and in-depth analysis, Direct Route covered the stories that were important to our customers.

But in that same spirit of continuous innovation, Direct Route has been discontinued and replaced with something new — the NAV CANADA Blog (blog.navcanada.ca). The blog will serve as an online resource and an important vehicle for communicating our stories.

“When we launched Direct Route, our goal was to aggregate the latest NAV CANADA news that appealed to all of our stakeholders, from operators to airports,” says Michelle Bishop, Director, Government and Public Affairs. “We are proud of the loyal following Direct Route has had, but the way our customers want to receive information has changed drastically. The newsletter format just wasn’t working for us, or them.”

Like Direct Route, the blog will provide technology updates and Company news that would be of interest to our customers and other stakeholders, while also providing valuable background and profiles related to our facilities, careers and activities.

Excellent resource

Says Neil Wilson, President and CEO, “This past year, I’ve talked a lot about taking our company to ‘the next level,’ and communicating our achievements in a more effective way with our customers is key. I’m confident the blog will be an excellent resource for all those interested in NAV CANADA’s activities.”

The blog is divided into four main categories:

1. Innovation
2. Environment
3. Safety, and

These categories are designed to capture the broad themes of our activities. The #WeAreNAVCANADA category will provide a unique behind-the-scenes look at the people and places that make NAV CANADA work.

“As a Company we are innovating every day. From safety information to technology innovation, there is a constant stream of content to share,” says Neil. “This blog is meant as a place for our stakeholders to engage with us and learn more about everything NAV CANADA does.”

The blog format also allows us to reach a whole new audience of aviation enthusiasts and we hope that you will find our content worthy of sharing– just click the share logos next to each entry.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to e-mail notifications for the aviation industry’s most compelling content directly at blog.navcanada.ca.



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