June 9, 2017

Fit to Fly: Keeping aviation safe

Earlier this week, Transport Canada, hosted a two day workshop centred on supporting aviation personnel in the interest of aviation safety. Called Fit to Fly, the goals of the workshop were to raise awareness around mental health and substance abuse and share best practices in those areas.

We were pleased to participate in the workshop. NAV CANADA has long recognized that our employees can experience health issues that can have a significant impact on their lives and their work. We believe mental health is as important as all other aspects of health which is why it is vital to incorporate it into our overall corporate wellness programs. NAV CANADA has demonstrated its commitment to employee health through several programs. In 2012 we became one of the first private sector companies in the country to implement a mental health peer support program – Light the Way.

The Light the Way program helps to ensure an accepting workplace culture that openly acknowledges the reality of mental health conditions. Pre-screened, trained peer supporters share their lived experiences, and provide confidential support to fellow employees who are experiencing similar issues, and explore options with them in terms of treatments, support systems, and resources.

In 2015 NAV CANADA received an award from the Canadian Mental Health Association, which recognized our efforts in advancing mental health in the workplace. Light the Way is just one of a wide range of programs, activities and incentives to support employee health and wellness that NAV CANADA offers. Some of the other resources include:

– A Live Well website
– A Fatigue Management Program
– A Critical Incident Stress Management Program (CISM),
– A Chemical Dependency Education and Rehabilitation Program (CDERP)
– An Employee and Family Assistance Program counselling service.

The health of our employees is a top priority and we applaud Transport Canada’s efforts to focus on the health of all those in the aviation industry. We look forward to working with Transport Canada on continuing to improve and innovate or health resources, ensuring that the aviation industry remains a safe and supportive place to work.



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