May 14, 2018

Cyber Security in the Enterprise: Stronger Together

We hear about it all over the news: malware, phishing scams, ransomware, trojan horses. In the past few years major multinational organizations have been hit by a myriad of cybersecurity breaches. The conversation within companies has very quickly shifted from what to do if a cyberattack hits, to how to prepare for when it hits.

In the interest of increasing coordination across the aviation industry and other sectors, NAV CANADA hosted close to 200 attendees at its fourth annual Cyber Summit – held May 10-11, 2018.

From just a dozen NAV CANADA employees at the first summit four years ago, the Cyber Summit now represents an important cross section of the aviation industry as well as other vital stakeholders. In attendance this year were representatives from 16 airport authorities, 10 government departments or agencies, 15 enterprises, and four local organizations, all gathered together do discuss this year’s summit theme of “Cyber Security in the Enterprise: Stronger Together”.

NAV CANADA Chief Information Officer Claudio Silvestri opened the event and spoke of how the cybersecurity landscape has changed since the first summit. “Nothing has changed from a risk point of view – it is still very high. However, cyberattacks have increased in volume and complexity. The digital world has no borders and we must act and defend together.”

NAV CANADA CEO Neil Wilson spoke of the importance of a global approach to cybersecurity in aviation. “As part of the global aviation system we go beyond Canada’s borders, working with other air navigation service providers on several international initiatives.”

Neil Wilson, President and Chief Executive Officer/President et chef de la direction, NAV CANADA

The Ottawa International Airport Authority partnered with NAV CANADA on the event, and President and CEO Mark Laroche welcomed the attendees at the opening. “We need a broader industry approach to resilience. A cyber event at one airport or airline could ripple through the entire system,” said Laroche.

A session on NAV CANADA’s cyber resiliency strategy was delivered to a full house, as Tom Bornais, Director of Enterprise Technology Security, and Ginette Deslauriers, Director of Systems Engineering and Operational Systems Security, spoke of the importance of building a culture of personal cyber security within the workplace. Along with phishing simulations and annual mandatory computer based training, employees are also provided with free anti-virus software and endpoint security for home use. The message here is clear: cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.

Over the course of more than 25 sessions – which included Building the Canadian Cyber Security Framework, Aviation Cyber Security – the 40,000 ft. View and Getting Everyone to the Same Altitude, and Edge Security for Industrial IoT, – a common theme surfaced: we will be much stronger if we face cyber risks together. Said Neil Wilson, “Working together must become second nature in order to become more resilient against cyber attacks. We should be learning from each other, and not reinventing the wheel each time.”

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