July 13, 2020

A clearer approach: NAV CANADA introduces the RNAV Phraseology Guide for pilots

NAV CANADA recently announced the release of the RNAV Phraseology Guide, which will take effect September 16, 2020. This guide is a reference tool and learning aid on the use of standard language. This free publication is aimed at pilots with RNAV equipped aircraft who interact with air traffic services.

The RNAV Phraseology Guide has been created by NAV CANADA through extensive consultation and collaboration with key airline operators. With voice communications being a key component of aviation safety, a common foundation of standard phraseology helps reduce mistakes and misinterpretation.


Air navigation is increasingly moving from traditional navigation using ground-based sensors to performance-based navigation (PBN). As a key enabler of PBN, Area Navigation, or RNAV, enables aircraft to fly on any desired flight path within the coverage of ground or space-based navigation aids – within the limits of the capability of the self-contained aircraft systems or a combination of both capabilities. RNAV certified aircraft have better access to and flexibility for point-to-point operations, rather than being required to navigate between ground-based navigation aids.

RNAV-based instrument departure and arrival procedures are being developed and published across the entire Canadian airspace system, requiring alignment between Air Traffic Services, pilots and stakeholders.


The RNAV Phraseology Guide is the fourth in a series of phraseology guides created by NAV CANADA to improve safety and efficiency, including the VFR Phraseology Guide, IFR Phraseology Guide, and Ground Traffic Phraseology Guide.

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This kind of RNAV phraseology guide should be introduced in India too. RNAV India


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